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  • Orgasm Beyond Ejaculation

    It may be the solution to a great many problems that plague men and by extension the women they love. Transcending ejaculation into a higher version of orgasm is the feat I speak of.

    When men ejaculate, they feel stress relief, the deepest version of which is a mini-death. It seems like a great result to a guy, with no introspective tendencies. It certainly feels good but it is a temporary high. Most of us notice that we feel less manly, less ambitious, less connected to our partner, less alive after ejaculation. Sleep is the most likely result and remedy. Women superficially might think they like the result and the idea that they have pleased their man but what they really want is to stay connected with their lover and to experience deeper penetration.

    Making a man ejaculate is a way for women to dominate their men. If a woman can dominate her man, so can the world. On a deep level, she knows she cannot trust him if she can dominate him in this way. This lack of trust holds her back from really experiencing sexual bliss and the deepest levels of love.

    Overcoming ejaculation makes sense and is easily desirable when a guy has experienced this type of orgasm that transcends. Most have not and as such what I’m suggesting is going to seem impossible and not even desirable. What awaits on the other side is definitely worth the effort. Imagine the whole body as a highly sensitive penis with pleasure coursing through all of it, in particularly the spine. Imagine endlessly ejaculating energy out of the top of your head. The more a guy connects with his partner in this state, the deeper he will experience bliss and the more fulfilled his woman will feel. This type of orgasm fills a guy with life-force and increases him in every way that normal ejaculation diminishes him.

    It sounds too good to be true and in a way it is. To get to this place, you will have to overcome your internal drive to be mediocre, the tendency to do bad things to yourself, and most of all… to be a slave. The path to get there seems impossible. The first time I experienced a higher orgasm was over ten years ago and I still feel like I know nothing about it. Nevertheless, here are some of my suggestions.

    • Ejaculation is all about building up physical tension and then releasing it. When you notice muscles getting tight, focus on relaxing them.
    • Deep breathing is crucial. Breathe into sensation and spread it out. When it gets overly focused into the penis or any major muscle like the quads, it spells release. Deep breathing increases energy flow and helps move energy up the spine.
    • Too much stimulation to the head of the penis creates an excessive build up of energy leading the physical mechanism into autopilot. Pulling the penis too far out with movements excessively stimulates the head of the penis.
    • Connect more with your partner and less with mental imagery.
    • Build up the strength of the pelvic floor. Squeezing the muscles that stop peeing are the same muscles in the pelvic floor that control ejaculation. Create a daily routine of squeezing those muscles besides peeing and having sex.
    • In the toughest cases, create a strong stimulus somewhere else in your body like pinching a leg. The brain can only receive so much physical stimulus at a time. You can override excessive pleasure in the genitals with sensation in other parts of the body.
    • When your muscles fatigue, you will release. You will have to learn to gauge this. Stop before you run out of steam muscularly.

    Toughest of all is success. More energy means figuring out what to do with it. Success may make you crazy in ways you would not imagine. This is where the real journey begins.

    Discipline, discipline, discipline… will power… love.

    I need a support group. So if you try this, and hope you do, tell me how it is going. If you have any epiphanies, please share them!

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