Growing Bone

I’m still in shock and disbelief. Starting two weeks ago, I added the intention to my daily practice to increase the size of my right ilium (hip bone) and right foot to match the left. My left foot was about a half-size bigger than the right. My left hip was about 10 mm bigger from top to bottom (5mm at the ischial tuberosities, or sit bones).

As I was going, I did not check for progress but I did notice after about a week that my central nervous system started acting as though the bones were even. The amplitude and frequency of the cerebral spinal fluid was excellent. Normally, I have to regularly jump-start the right side of my body as the movement almost comes to a stop. I figured it was a byproduct of the energetic shape having changed already. I assumed the bones could not have changed that quickly.

I also experienced unusual coolness in body during that time. I was always cold. I had aches and pains in strange places. One spot in particular has not straightened itself out. The base of the right side of my head feels jammed. That makes some sense given the tissue lengths have changed at the other end of my spine (hip to spine and hip to floating ribs). I don’t know if this is temporary and just a tissue problem or a bone jam up at my head. My nervous system seems to indicate that it is not bone related.

Just out of curiosity, I checked the size of my feet, hip alignment, and alignment of bones in my head today. My feet are the same size. I still don’t believe it! My hips line up and the bones in my head reflect that. I still wonder if I pinch myself the right way if I will wake up from this dream.

Modern science says you cannot grow bone. The growth plates fuse some time not too long after puberty (all bone growth plates are fused by 20 years old). In yoga, it is a seriously limiting factor to be compensated for the rest of your life. Most people cannot do or will ever do certain poses because the shape of their bones will not allow it.

I am not sure what I will try next in this realm.

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