Light personifies itself by veiling itself

Eliphas Levi, a French occult author and magician, said,

light personifies itself by veiling itself, and the personification is only stable when the veil is perfect.

His statement gives me goosebumps! Since I first encountered it, I’ve felt that I needed to dive deeply into it and unravel its mysteries. Here is my first attempt.

Personification of light speaks to the nature of the unfolding of the great cosmic play we are all a part of. Essentially, it is an attempt to answer the questions “why does anything happen to anyone, is there freewill, and why is illusion necessary?

Personification can be thought of as a bending and moving of light, giving the temporary appearance of shape, depth, color, vibration, and so on. For the effect to be convincing, light must veil its true nature. As movement is layered with different speeds and frequencies, more and more complex forms arise. As the personification of light goes from subtle and simple to increasing complexity, human identity or ego becomes possible allowing for the possibility of feeling and experience of physical reality; in particular for humans, the point of view of being self-consciousness.

Consciousness allows the illusion created by light to appreciate itself. What good is a masterpiece with no observer to appreciate it? In our case, the masterpiece appreciates itself, perhaps the single greatest effect of the personification of light. In other words, God know its own being.

Stable personification provides the continuity necessary for self-consciousness. The veil must be perfect for the masterpiece to appreciate itself. We must live in the absence of our truest nature.

Unfortunately, living in separation from the source and our true nature leaves us with an indescribable longing, seemingly unquenchable. How can we not be what we are? We are drawn to being whole again and removing the veil; and in this sense, we have a very strong death wish. Without our deepest veil, we are indistinguishable and nonexistent.

Spirituality is a mixed blessing. It satisfies our need for union in small progressive ways at the cost of approaching the line where personification destabilizes and everything we love about being human and living in the physical world is made unreal and disengaging. As we peel away layers of self and reality, the bigger picture of reality becomes more apparent removing our sense of self, ownership and motivation to do anything for the sake of self.

When the veil is perfect, there is no freewill. We are guided transparently through the great play of life as though our decisions are our own… an integral part of everything feeling real. It allows us to be surprised and to discover what it means to feel.

Approaching the dissolution of the veil, freewill becomes possible. As you become more capable of observing subtle phenomenon, the act of observation changes that which is observed. Co-creation becomes conscious. There are endless ways this power or ability removes us from the normal, beautiful stream of ordinary life. The price is extreme. The essence of life is at stake.

This is the beautiful paradox revealed in the one sentence as I understand it. It begs us to contemplate carefully the goal of spirituality.

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