Geopathic Stress


What is geopathic stress and why does the removal of it matter?

Geopathic stress is a constant, negative influence present nearly everywhere in our electrified, radio waved, micro waved, propelled, and exploded world.

Theologue by Alex Grey

Nearly all modern technology is destructive to itself and its surrounding environment. To grossly oversimplify the energetic world, there are two basic forms of energy at work at any given time or place, usually occurring very near to each other. There is energy involved in creating life and building it up into higher, more sophisticated forms and there is its opposite, energy that breaks down structures and material into simpler forms. Modern technology, in all of its forms, makes use of or invokes the energetic action of decomposition (there are ways of creating technology that use the other end of the spectrum of energy but that is a topic of its own which I hope to write about sometime soon). One of the ways that our usage of technology presents itself is the formation of grids of negative energy. These grids are made up of what some people call Dragon Lines (Chinese medicine) or Hartmann Lines. There are other grids as well but for now these names serve the point. For the most part, grids form in regular rectangles aligned with the compass directions. Additional lines form at other vectors having to do with other phenomenon like relationships. Anything that resides on or near Dragon Lines is adversely affected. Intersections of lines increase the potency of decomposition. Residing in a location with four, five, or six lines intersecting for any length of time is extremely detrimental to health, even leading up to an untimely death.

Thinking about geopathic grids reminds me of Alex Grey's Theologue piece, with the grids of energy throughout the landscape. From my point view, the Theologue image presents an accomplished meditater experiencing a state of bliss, the fire representing the intensity and flavor of samadhi, so profound that the world dissolves into pure energy. From a geopathic point of view, I could interpret the meditater as having established a personal boundary with respect to the surrounding geopathic grids. To a certain degree, such a boundary must be established to enter into a stable state of higher frequency. As such, Theologue indirectly illustrates what is possible when we become more sensitive to our environment and actively set positive boundaries.

Negative energy areas are also naturally occurring in nature and that is to be expected and respected. I often sense these areas and avoid them (at the moment, it seems daunting to change a strong geological pattern). Most people, just on an intuitive level, sense, avoid, and even extract themselves from areas of unusually strong geopathic stress. Have you even stopped yourself, without a clear reason, from proceeding into a room, or avoided walking down a hallway or through an entranceway? It could be that you were naturally sensing an area of geopathic stress. When a naturally occurring, strong negative area is compounded by the detrimental effects of masculine technologies, the results can be disastrous. Those areas are good breeding grounds for anomalies like serial killers, nuclear weapons creation, testing, and meltdown, and black magic rituals.

The increased concentration of energy driving decomposition and the lack of awareness for the strength of its presence is geopathic stress.


Fortunately, geopathic grids can be located. It is a measurable phenomenon. One of the more basic and reliable methods makes use of dowsing rods. As a person becomes more sensitive to Dragon Lines and geopathic stress, they soon find that they do not need an instrument outside of their own body. I use dowsing rods at least partially to increase my confidence but can do without them.

Once a person has been exposed to the before and after experience of being in and out of geopathic stress, awareness can easily be cultivated. It is kind of a double edged sword. Once you are aware of how much better you feel in cleared areas, you won't want to spend time in areas that are not clear, which is literally everywhere. Not surprisingly, most people have never been exposed to an area without geopathic stress, at least not long enough to be clear about why they feel so much better.


The point of all this is that there is something that can be done about geopathic stress. One of the simplest and most effective approaches involves locating and stapling Dragon Lines. Simply put, a staple is a buried dowsing rod that is placed perpendicular to a Dragon Line. The staple acts like a pebble in a stream; like the water, the flow of energy is not obstructed, but shifted. In the case of a staple, a Dragon Line will flow above and or below the staple by 100 to 200 hundred feet, depending on the environment and the location. A bubble free of negative energy is created with the staple. A series of staples can lift the better part of a grid surrounding a home or business. The results are immediate and surprisingly profound.

Stapling an area energetically is like creating a beneficial boundary in the sense of Western Magick. One of the highest motivations for cultivating a Magick practice is to create a positive boundary around one's physical body safeguarding ones physical, mental, emotional, and psychic space. In our modern world, we are bombarded by energy sinkholes constantly draining our life-force. Stapling is very similar except that the bubble is fixed to a location; whereas, a good Magick practice will establish a permanent bubble that travels with the body (most people lack the discipline and predilection for a path of Magick). Geopathic stress removal works relatively quick, yields high results, and does not require constant monitoring.


My current fee (approx. $250/day) for removing lines from your home or business is based on results. No results mean that my services are free of charge, period. There are no hidden fees. The work that I do is labor intensive and in most cases involves digging small, inconspicuous holes around the property to receive the staples. This fee also includes diagnosis of the site as well as re-testing the site once the Dragon lines have been re-directed.

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