Kirtan Kriya

Kirtan Kriya is one of the most important all-around techniques in Kundalini Yoga.

Sit with a straight spine. Your eyes are turned up and in towards the brow. As you chant, whisper, or silently intone the sounds SA-TA-NA-MA, press the thumbtip of either hand against the corresponding fingertip.

On SA press the thumb and index fingertips together.
On TA press the thumb and middle fingertips together.
On NA press the thumb and ring fingertips together.
On MA press the thumb and little fingertips together.

Kirtan Kriya melody

Chant the mantra for 5 minutes, whisper for 5 minutes, chant in silence for 10 minutes, and then whisper and chant again for 5 minutes apiece. Feel the sound of the consonants S, T, N, and M coming in through the top of the head, and A sound going out the brow.

This is the 31 minutes version of the meditation. The time periods can be shortened to 2 minutes for the chanting and whispering, and 4 minutes for the chanting silently, internally with the overall result being a 12 minutes meditation.

Sa means infinity.

Ta means life.

Na means death.

Ma means rebirth.

There have been medical studies done on Kirtan Kriya. Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa has more information on this on his web site. Here is an excerpt.

The subjects showed a dramatic improvement in their brains' anatomy and physiology after performing the meditation. One of the most dramatic results was an increase in positive activity in their frontal lobes, signifying an increase in their ability to pay attention, focus, and concentrate.

They also showed a change in the lateral part of their brain - the so-called God spot, which allows a person to feel in touch with their Higher Power.

Finally, the study showed a significant change in the master gland structure of the brain. This change will help a person be in positive mood and have plenty of brain energy.

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