Pranayam Series

easy pose

For a lengthy exposition on proper breathing and breathing techniques, visit my Breathing page.

  1. Sit in easy pose, a cross-legged position, or in a chair with the hands in gyan mudra, the tip of the first finger touching the tip of the thumb. Begin breath of fire and continue for 7 minutes. Inhale, suspend the breath for 30 seconds, and exhale.
  2. Begin long deep breathing through both nostrils. Breathe deeper than normal so that the entire rib cage lifts several inches, full complete breath. Continue for 5 minutes, then inhale, hold for 15 seconds, and exhale.
  3. Immediately begin to breathe in through the puckered lips and exhale through the nose using the complete vital capacity of the lungs. Continue for 3 minutes, then inhale, hold briefly, and exhale.
  4. Do a powerful and regular breath of fire for 2 minutes. Then inhale deeply, suspend the breath as long as is comfortable, and exhale.
  5. Become extremely still. Do your best not to move any part of your body other than allowing the breathing to do what it wants. Notice the flow of energy through the whole body.

Doing this practice will dramatically oxygenate the blood. You will notice its affects all day long and perhaps into the next day. This is contingent upon you putting effort into steps 2 and 3, in particular. It is uncomfortable inhaling and exhaling as much as you possibly can. If you start getting really dizzy, then you should back off. Hyperventilation is not the goal.

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