Sat Nam Rasayan

Sat Nam Rasayan is an application of meditative awareness to facilitate a therapeutic response in others. Sat Nam Rasayan literally means Healing in the True Identity. By becoming increasingly aware of what the various aspects of their own body, mind, and emotions normally feel like and how they feel differently when in the presence of another person, the practitioner can know things about their clients, particularly imbalances. By putting awareness on and providing energy to imbalances in the client, the practitioner provides an opportunity for change, without judgment as to how or when the change will occur. This practice takes the ego out of the equation for the practitioner.

At a 3HO Winter Solstice quite some time ago, I had the fortunate experience to interact with an advanced Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner, while resolving a minor conflict in the bazaar. The practitioner happened to mention, as an aside, that they were picking up from me that the right side of my face including my eye was not properly enervated; the nerves in the right side of my face were compromised. No other healer I have crossed paths with has had a similar insight of that depth. This insight has turned out to be very valuable to me towards figuring out systemic issues in my body.

Energetically speaking, characteristics in individuals follow from people who strongly embody them to those that don't, as they spend time together. It is similar to one of the laws of thermodynamics. When a hot body is brought into contact with a cold body, heat follows into the cold body until both bodies reach equal temperature. Character traits, emotions, intellect, physicals imbalances, really anything works likewise on an energetic level. An easy way to notice this is with speech patterns. When two people send a lot of time together, they tend to talk and think alike.

The yogi takes advantage of knowing this in that they notice the shifts that occur when they are around a given person or environment. The shifts in their own body due to external factors tell them a great deal about their surroundings. This is essentially how the practice of Sat Nam Rasayan tunes into problem areas. With awareness steadily put on a problematic area, the additional energy and the perception provide an opportunity for change. In fact, just from the point of view of perception, change occurs. Science and medicine are becoming increasingly aware that perception shapes reality. By observing a thing, the observer becomes a co-creator. How they view the object, their karmic view on reality, contributes to changing the object or putting greater emphasis on its next manifestation being similar to the last. Merely observing a thing can change it.

My exposure to Sat Nam Rayasan started about twenty years ago while I was in college. I went to a Sikh counselor for a year and he used Sat Nam Rayasan as part of his approach. He could access unusual emotional states within me within minutes of me walking in the door. About ten years later, I figured out what he was up to.

While I was at the Baba Siri Chand Ashram in Florida, I paid careful attention to how the director of the ashram taught classes and counselled students. He integrates Sat Nam Rasayan into both. In fact, based on his classes, it is my belief that Sat Nam Rasayan is an essential part of a good Kundalini Yoga class. Surprisingly, most teacher even ones that have been around a long time do not know this.

At 3HO Summmer Solstices, I have taken Guru Dev's classes. He is considered the foremost practitioner of Sat Nam Rasayan. I actually do not find him very impressive compared to my previous exposures.

Sat Nam Rasayan is an art of energy and awareness.

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