Positional Release

The concept behind Positional Release is really quite simple. Position the body or a part of it such that for a given area where there is hypertension or pain, shorten the muscles being stretched that are related to the pain.

For example, if there is pain and tightness in the upper part of the shoulder, the trapezes, or levator scapula, the therapist makes sure that the client is not helping and lifts the shoulder up and in towards the neck and head. Held this way, the therapist can now work on those muscles and have them release easily with very little pain. Another good example is the position a chair massage chair holds the head and neck of the client, when the client is properly seated by the therapist. The muscles in the neck and at the base of the skull automatically begin to release while sitting in a chair massage chair. Ideally this approach is always used. It is not always straightforward as to how to position the body to release stress on certain muscles or groups of muscles, paritcularly core ones and do other massage techniques effectively. I use this approach as much as possible.

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