Yoga in all of its traditions and forms has a long and mysterious history. Many people claim that yoga came out of India but I view that the same way I do the Great Pyramid in Egypt. The Egyptians claim that it is part of their heritage but I'm pretty darn sure they did not build it and it predates their culture significantly. As far as I know, the oldest tradition including yoga is 20,000 years old and originates out of Tibet. But that is still a drop in the bucket in terms of the history of humanoids being on this planet. Yoga is perhaps as old as we can imagine back across civilizations that have lived on this planet and have yet to be recognized by the Western world and its warped idea of history. When you try to even conceptualize the origins of yoga, you get into the hairy territory of gods, aliens, and immortals. Strangely, this topic is given very little attention. It seems that when someone writes about it or has anything to say they either go into the everything is wonderful New Age point of view or the world is coming to an end, mental break down. This makes it very easy to stop thinking about it and come to the conclusion that it is just a bunch of crap crazy people think about. I could write more specific things but I'm in jeopardy of you tuning out.

What we do know about yoga is that it helps us to make friends with all of the divergent parts of self. It provides a sort of reset button where we can in a healthy way temporarily check out of our various types of neuroses. It helps give us clarity on relationships and where we are going in life. It provides an approach to managing the physical body and balancing and tuning its systems.

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