White Tantric Yoga

White Tantric Yoga is an advanced form of Kundalini Yoga. Meditation is paired off, men with women but other options are acceptable, and in a specific formation on the whole. Partner oriented meditation supports and enhances the ability to experience sustained states of meditation. By arranging the pairs in a specific formation, a circuit of energy is formed across the whole; it is like being in an wave pool at a theme park except that the movement is energetic.

Since life and all its drama is played out in our everyday interactions with people, meditation reflected back by another person provides an integrated practice. It provides reference points for meditating while interacting with people. This overcomes one of the major obstacles of spiritual practice, the separation between meditation and discipline, sadhana and living everyday life.

The powerful space that is created in White Tantric Yoga allows each practitioner to see the tremendous beauty inside him or her reflected in another; this is first objective. Once digested, we aspire to realize that it was our own beauty as opposed to our partner and avoid becoming clingy and attached to partners. Ultimately, we come back around to the realization that the other is us but with a new expanded objectivity.

Tantra and Quantum Physics

From the point of view of quantum physics, the tantric pair is more well defined than either individual and can be translated across time and space. It can be said that our reality is based on duality; that is to say, opposite polarities arise and dissolve together. A real basic example is that good and bad are relative to each other and that neither exists without both existing. On a more abstract level, it can be said that an object cannot be observed or exist without and an observer. If there is no one to hear a tree fall in the woods, does it fall? In abstract terms the answers is no. In reality, it is yes because there are group dynamics and so many points of perception that cannot be accounted for that it gets complicated to grok. To continue, it gets hairy here because object and observer are relative and can be interchanged; that is to say, that each point of perception is equally real, unreal, no greater or lesser than any another. Each point of perception acts as a co-creator. In essence, perception creates reality. So when you tune perception into another point of perception, reality can bend in on itself - perception perceiving perception. This is what tantric does best. It cuts through to the essential energy that is the core of an individual and links it with another reference point doing the same. The paired perception allows for all other aspects of reality to dissolve, shift, or translate. There is tremendous untapped potential here.

Another interesting thing that White Tantric does is that it rewires the nervous system such a person can accomplish the seemingly impossible. By sitting through difficult or painful meditations, the practitioner develops the tendency to just keep going when something is difficult and to just keep going when it seems it will never end and to just keep going until all mental and emotion obstructions fall away. At a certain point, the mind gives in and says okay I might die doing this but there isn't a damn thing I can do about it; so, I give in. That's when the exercise ends and when the seemingly impossible starts happening in everyday life.

White, Red, Black, Yellow

We may define the White School in it purity in very simple terms. Existence is pure joy. Sorrow is caused by the failure to perceive thie fact; but this is not a misfortune. We have invented sorrow, which does not matter so much after all, in order to have the exuberant satisfaction of getting rid of it. Existence is thus a sacrament.

The Black school approaches transformation by way of negation. It regards the universe as fundamentally an illusion to be transcended by way of shifting identification with form to formless. The lower schools of Buddhism could be categorized this way as well as Christianity.

The main feature of the Yellow school is its realization of the illusoriness of personal will. There is only the will of the whole, that is realizing the nature of the whole and one's non-separation from it. Taosim and some schools of Vedanta may fall under this category.

Red Tantra is a modern, western invention synthesized from the Black school.

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